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Finance Calculator

Have finance approved for your new Volkswagen within the hour

The payments calculated by the Finance Calculator are based on an assumed fixed annual interest rate of 12.95%.  The actual interest rate that will apply in any finance offered may be greater or lesser than that determined by this calculator.  The Finance Calculator does not include fees.  Refer links to Rates and Fees for full disclosure of applicable rates and fees.  The payments calculated are not a quote and do not represent an offer of finance for a specific amount financed, term or and interest rate.  Normal lending criteria applies. If the amount of money owing on your vehicle exceeds the value of your trade-in the finance calculator will not be accurate. In this instance, please speak with our team directly. 

There's no need to wait around once you've fallen in love with a Volkswagen.

The team at Ebbett Volkswagen are here to help you into the car of your dreams as soon as possible by helping you find competitive financing options, that can be tailored to your financial situation. Just give us a few details and we can have you approved in as little as 1 business hour, or if you request a quote after hours, we'll be back to you the next working day.
Just give us the details above and we'll do the rest.

Why use Ebbett to secure finance for your new car?

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Competitive Interest Rates

We shop around several well known finance institutions to help you secure finance at the best possible interest rates.

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Fast Approval

During business hours you can be approved in under 1 hour. Otherwise you'll know on the next working day.

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Tailored To Your Budget

Tailor made finance that factors in your preferred Term, Deposit, Repayments, Loan Type so that you stay within budget.

What Vehicle Financing Options Do Ebbett Volkswagen Offer?


Credit Agreement: The simple way to finance a new vehicle

If you're looking to upgrade your current car or you need to upgrade to accommodate the whole family, a credit agreement is the type of finance that's likely to best suit you.
You'll have a regular payment structure spread over a fixed term of your choosing. This allows flexibility while still giving you the ability to budget accordingly as you'll always know when the next payment is, and how much it will be.
  • Pick your own term between 12 and 60 months
  • No deposit may be a reality
  • Easy budgeting with fixed, regular payments
  • Own your vehicle outright when the payments are done
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Business Lease: Acquire assets for your business while keeping cash reserves free

Keep your cash reserves for the other uses while still getting the vehicles your business needs by financing up to 100% of the cost of the vehicle over a specified term. The advantage of a Business Lease is that it enables you to structure the contract by selecting a term and you agree a suitable residual value with us, this allows you to tailor your monthly rentals to suit your budget. Residual value risk is carried by you.
  • Flexible initial outlay that keeps your cash reserves free for other ventures
  • Choose the term you want between 12 and 60 months
  • Potential tax benefits whilst improving cash flow
  • Provides a fixed annual interest rate for the term of the contract
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Operating Lease: Perfect for those who want regular upgrades

Never worry about getting rid of your old car again. Operating leases are essentially rental terms with low initial outlay and flexible terms that get you in the car you want for as long as you want it. You can also choose optional servicing, maintenance and repair packages to simplify the entire process of maintaining a vehicle.
  • Low initial outlay with 12 to 45 month terms
  • Optional maintenance packages lump all your running costs (excluding fuel) into one monthly payment
  • You can change the agreed mileage and term if circumstances change
  • No need to worry about future value or selling a vehicle, simply return and get your next vehicle.

Secure your investment with Auto Insurance

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Autosure Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

The last thing you should be worrying about when purchasing a new vehicle is a mechanical breakdown. Modern cars have come a long way, but with complex electrical and mechanical components breakdowns do occur.
Protect your car and your pocket with a Mechanical Breakdown Policy. It not only covers your repair bills, will also help you out with 24/7 roadside assistance, car hire to keep you mobile and any towing costs.

Summary of Covers for EX4 and EC4 policies only:

>>Download Extreme Summary

>>Download Essential Summary
Policy Wording for EX4 and EC4 policies only:

>>Download Extreme Policy Booklet

>>Download Essential Policy Booklet

Autosure Loan Equity Insurance ("GAP" Cover)

In the event of a total loss of a vehicle that still under finance, you're liable to pay the outstanding credit balance immediately. If the insurance payout doesn't cover all of this, you would have to fork out for the difference yourself.
Having loan equity insurance prevents the loss of a vehicle hitting your pocket. It ensures that if your vehicle is written off you won't have to pay any difference between the insurance payout and the balance owing on your credit contract.

>> Download Policy Booklet
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Autosure Payment Protection Insurance

The main risk when buying a vehicle on finance is that if you lose your ability to earn, you won't be able to cover your monthly installments, which means you'll risk losing your vehicle and credit rating.
Payment protection insurance protects you from a range of unexpected losses of income so that should the unexpected happen, you'll be covered and able to pay any finance requirements while you get back on track.
>>Enquire for full details
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Volkswagen Motor Vehicle Cover

Provident Luxury Policy - precision engineered for Volkswagen drivers.

Volkswagen has a reputation for thinking differently — and our insurance is a little bit different too. Naturally, we’ve designed our cover with Volkswagen drivers in mind. But it’s the generous range of special features and added extras that really make us stand out from the crowd. Here are just a few;

  • New for old - if your Volkswagen is less than 3 years old and is written off, you'll get a brand new one
  • All repairs are conducted using only genuine Volkswagen parts
  • Choose from a list of repairers that have earned our seal of approval
  • No claims bonus that's protected for life
  • Cover of additional costs and no window excess
>>Talk to us about insuring your Volkswagen

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